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Chiang Mai, THAILAND:

Home of Joy

...provides a loving Christian home environment for pre-teen and teen-age tribal girls from mountain areas whose families are poor or broken and where there are limited educational opportunities. They are given financial assistance for room, board, and school fees, along with the opportunity to be involved in a gospel-centered local church. EFCCM personnel serve Home of Joy.

Chiang Rai, THAILAND:

K-12 Education

EFCCM personnel serve in a K-12 school that is open to seeing the gospel shared.


Faith Academy

…provides staff for Faith Academy. The school serves the educational needs of Christian families in Asia: missionary families, local families serving in ministry, and families desiring Christ-likeness in their children. EFCCM personnel teach at Faith.

Tokyo, JAPAN:

Tokyo Multicultural Church

…is a Christ centered, Bible based, disciple making EFC church plant that celebrates God’s grace and truth within the cultural diversity of Tokyo by ministering in English, Japanese, and Chinese. EFCCM personnel lead and serve at TMC, and provide a route for a decreasing financial subsidy for TMC as it becomes established.

Saitama, JAPAN:

Kanto English Evangelism Program

…reaches children, youth, and adults with the gospel of Jesus Christ through evangelistic English classes at three EFC of Japan churches just outside Tokyo city. EFCCM personnel serve in KEEP.


Victory Church Evangelism Banquet

(an EFC of China Hong Kong church)

...reaches the members, friends, and families of the infamous Triad gang, many of whom have been transformed by the love of Jesus Christ. The EFCCM assists with Victory Church's annual evangelistic banquet.

Ulaanbaatar, MONGOLIA:

Agape Christian Hospital

…dispatches medical teams to provide dental and eye surgery options in the name of Jesus for people from disadvantaged backgrounds living in the rural areas of Mongolia. Surgeries take place inside two well-equipped mobile clinic buses. The EFCCM partners with Grace Hanin Community Church, an EFCC church in Surrey BC, for this project.


Medicare Resources

...provides medical aid, disaster relief, and educational help to the poor. It assists a local Bible school that serves a tribal people by helping purchase bookshelves, desks, and other furniture for their new library. An EFCCM partner serves Medicare Resources.
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