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Asia Vision Trip, Oct-Nov 2020 - cancelled

Oct 23-Nov 4, 2020
Catch the vision for making disciples of Jesus in Asia by visiting some EFCCM Asia ministry projects with the Asia Ministries Facilitator on his annual Asia Vision Trip. Then become a champion at home for missions in Asia!…or move to Asia and join us!
The 2019 trip has been cancelled because of lack of participants.
At least three people need to sign up to make the 2020 trip possible.

This opportunity is for any interested EFC pastors, missions team leaders, or future potential missionaries for Asia.
Click here to contact Dale.

The estimated cost, including airfare, hotels, and most meals is about CAD$4500 (US$3500).

The schedule below is tentative. Arrival and departure times for each location are yet to be determined.

Oct 23 Fri — arrive Bangkok, stay at hotel near airport
Oct 24 Sat — fly to Chiang Mai, orientation
Oct 24-25 Sat-Sun — HOME OF JOY and another gospel centered community ministry
Oct 26 Mon — fly to Bangkok
Oct 27 Tue — fly to Manila
Oct 28 Wed — MK education at FAITH ACADEMY
Oct 29 Thu — fly to Taipei
Oct 30 Fri — Taipei (MAINLAND update)
Oct 31 Sat — fly to Tokyo
Nov 1 Sun — TOKYO MULTICULTURAL CHURCH (church planting)
Nov 2 Mon — to Takayama missionary vacation house near Sendai city
Nov 3 Tue — to Onagawa (MEGUMI PROJECT, a tsunami recovery community ministry), debriefing
Nov 4 Wed — depart from Sendai or Tokyo, or stay for a while