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January 2019

Defining and Refining the Task

Communicate. Care. Network. Equip. Recruit.
Those five verbs capture the aspects of “doing mission” that I would like to emphasize in my role as EFCCM Asia Director that commences in January 2019. The order of those verbs has been determined by a poll of EFCCM Asia personnel.

However, mission leaders need to do more than just identify characteristic verbs for their leadership task—they also also need to continually refine the task. Read More…

Reaching Beyond Our Borders

Our goal is to see lives transformed by the power of the gospel, and to see new believers enfolded into new or existing churches where they can be lovingly nurtured and discipled to become obedient followers of Christ.

So says Dave Penner, Director of EFC of Canada Mission. Read More…

Asia EFCCM Survey Results

Website, Retreat, and Leadership Priorities
The incoming EFCCM Asia Director’s Oct-Nov survey sent to Asia personnel generated 10 responses representing 12 missionaries.
70% would like a website.
50% would like a retreat.
All weighed in on ranking leadership priorities for the region. Read More…